100: One Hundred Weeks of Organizational Fun

To mark the occasion of the 100th episode, James and Jean talk about our favorite moments and accomplishments, and talk about new ideas for our second hundred episodes.

Some stats so far:
Total minutes: 2517
Total hours: 42
Average length: 25.5 minutes
Number of special guests: 4 (+ 1 🐱)
Holidays invented: 2
Episodes recorded outdoors: 1
Podcasting conferences attended: 1

Episodes mentioned:

1: My Whole House Is An Inbox

8: The Usual Monkey Wrench

16: The Unbearable Lightness of OmniFocus Bankruptcy

19: That’s Too Devious, Jean

20: Organizationiversary

21: A Day Without A Dot 🎉

33: On The Hunt For The Perfect To-Do List App, with Special Guest Aleen Simms

35: James Is My Trusted System

39: A Very Long Story, with Special Guest Rosemary Orchard

41: Productivity + Fun = PodCon 2 in Seattle

42: Life, The Universe, and What’s In Our Junk Drawers

47: The Time Sensitive Micro Project

52: Emailiversary

54: A Very Tasty Pepper, with Special Guest Ish ShaBazz

69: The Odyssey of the Ford Taurus

87: Reviewing Our 2020 Calendar Strategies, with Special Guest David Sparks

92: Cat Bombed, with Special Guest Dexter

94: The Clean Slate

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