1: My Whole House Is An Inbox

Welcome to the first episode of The Weekly Review. Whether you are new to task management or you’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, this podcast is for you.

Once a week, Jean and James review their progress toward a more organized (and less stressful) way of life, and talk about highlights, challenges, and questions. Two friends, who are not productivity gurus, hold each other accountable for sticking to the program and doing that important weekly review.

This week, we review our histories with getting organized and make plans to tackle some of the big projects like email box reduction and home decluttering.

We also debut our fabulous original theme song, The Weekly Review.

🎵 Credits: - 🎼 Composed by James Dempsey - 🎹🎸 Instrumentation and Production by Jonathan Mann - 🎤 Lead Vocals: James Dempsey - 🎤🎤Backup Vocals: Jonathan Mann and Jean MacDonald

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