156: Plentiful and Precious

This episode Jean and James talk about their most plentiful and precious digital assets—photos. Jean expresses frustration at not being able to find an Easter-themed photo of guinea pigs Grace and Ada from a past year. James describes how even a dark, blurry photo of time spent with friends is a great way to bring the moment back into memory.

Jean sets out to prune her photo library of unwanted photos that don’t make the cut—with unintentional guinea pig butt photos being a surprisingly common category. James continues to be a digital pack rat with even the bad photos as he continues to purchase more drive and clould storage over time.

View looking straight up from under the Incredibles arch at Disney California Adventure. Baby Jack Jack is in the middle with sylized art of the rest of the Incredibles on either side. The sky is blue with white wispy clouds.

A photo by James looking up at the Incredibles Arch on Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure.
This was taken on the last day of James’ last visit to Disneyland before the pandemic.

Guinea pigs Grace and Ada next to a Father Christmas ornament and a small Christmas tree.

A Christmas photo of guinea pigs Grace and Ada by Jean.

Guinea pigs Grace and Ada, one with back to the camera.

The sort of photo, with a guinea pig butt to the camera, that Jean plans on deleting.

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