106: Bathing Suit Not Required

James and Jean have their second week of “The Weekly To Do,” a new feature (with a bonus jingle!) where we pick one item from our to-do list and commit to getting it done by the next episode. We are both 2 for 2 on this accountability strategy; Jean’s organized her streaming subscriptions and James’s coffee maker is no longer nagging him to clean it. In the context of real life, which is hard to distinguish from The Onion lately, those are big wins!

Felt App, Hand-Written Cards for the Modern World

Man Not Sure Why He Thought Most Psychologically Taxing Situation of his Life Would Be The Thing to Make Him Productive, from The Onion

Musicland, Bel Air, Maryland
(run by James’s friend Larry Noto)

Quarantine Viewing recommendations:

Star Trek: Picard


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