66: Traveler’s Checks and Balances

For this episode, Jean is in Slovenia and James is about to take a trip to the east coast.

Jean talks about the possibility of declaring OmniFocus Bankruptcy. James suggests that it would be a shame to lose all the work already done capturing items into the trusted system. Jean and James talk about handling to-do items that you will definitely not be able to get to when on a trip.

Finally, a little more about things you can’t wait until the last minute to do, as well as the fate of traveler’s checks.

UPDATE: This past weekend, Jean tripped and tore a tendon in her left knee while on her trip to Slovenia. She had to return home early due to the injury and is now back in Portland. You can send support and well-wishes to Jean via The Weekly Review or directly at @macgenie on Micro.blog or Twitter.

This episode was recorded before Jean’s injury.

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