30: Being A Better Capturer-er

In this episode Jean and James talk about the capture phase—getting things out of your head and into your trusted system. Topics include capturing commitments with a short timeline, some Siri frustrations, Post-it Notes, and techniques to avoid being mortified when attending the opera. James offers up a fleeting ten dollar word or two. Both Jean and James manage to go an entire episode without mentioning Mailstrom or SaneBox.

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Articles and tools mentioned in this episode:
iMore Article: Siri: The ultimate guide
Do Not Distrub Tool: Parallels Toolbox for Mac
Apple Article: Use Do Not Disturb on your Mac
iMore Article: How to set up and use Do Not Disturb on Mac

(Jean mentioned she uses Parallels Toolbox for Mac for Do Not Disturb. James forgot to mention he uses the built-in option-click on the Notification Center icon in the toolbar to turn on Do Not Disburb.)

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